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Bigger than basketball

A lot can change in such a short timeframe; and little can change in such a long timeframe. I’ve never really thought about that concept until a couples days ago. America helplessly watched once again as yet another mass shooting tragically carried out. We seemingly unitedly come together after these devastations occur, we send our “thoughts and prayers” to the victims families and we all then move on with our lives until the next one. What’s the definition of insanity? It’s heart breaking. We’ve become desensitized. All those innocent kids lives were prematurely stolen. They could’ve been our doctors. Our lawyers. The next MLK. The next President. Their families and loved ones’ lives were forever changed. In such a short timeframe. They’ll never be the same. But ours were “back to the norm” after a few days because ya know, this not only didn’t affect us personally, but we are used to them. It’s heart wrenching. I found myself crying most of the week when thinking about the state of hate and fear our country has been living in. What can we do?

As I have made pretty clear in my previous blog, in the most difficult times in my life I turn to basketball. It has this insane ability in assisting you to just escape any negativity surrounding you and just help distract you for a bit. Although, this time was different. And my opening statement is further proved, in two very differentiating circumstances.

On January 12th I started this blog. It was only fitting to entitle the first blog “Lebron is a bitch... still”. Considering up to the time I wrote the first blog and since October of 2012 when I rocked that shirt, I was the driver of the ‘Lebron is a Bitch’ bandwagon. It’s what I’m most notoriously recognized for. And honestly I was very okay with it. His bitchness and ego circa Miami Heat days had me messed up. I also will vulnerably admit that I ‘disliked’ him because ball is life and all and he’s ruined my team for the last decade plus. That being said, I want to reiterate that a lot can change in such a short timeframe. And little can change in such a long timeframe. It’s been one month since that blog and my mentality has completely changed. It hadn’t for the 6 years prior but in light of the recent occurrences, I am here to say that I am done hating on this man.

Oh Laura Ingraham. No idea who you were prior to your racist commentary that was clearly an extension of that orange “bums” efforts to silence political athletes. Have we the people become so numb and controlled by the “leaders” of this country, that we are literally no longer allowed freedom of speech? Where’s the correlation between the amount of money one makes and the hate and racial injustices one endures? Her condescending, distasteful tone was absolutely disgusting and repulsive. I wanted to knock her out through the screen. But, that yields the next dialogue. Love should always Trump hate.

I believe that hate is heavy. It’s a nagging energy that is a burden to carry around. It is draining and restrictive. If anything, I should thank Laura Ingraham. Thank you for inadvertently eradicating the “hate” I held for Lebron that was justified through basketball reasons, and involuntarily allowing me to respect him as a human. Ball is life, yes, but in this country that’s predominantly filled with strong hate and separation (for far larger things than basketball), I think unity as humans is more important. Regardless of ones views or differences. It’s extremely difficult sometimes but imminently necessary.

As I watched the all star games and saw Kyrie and Lebron laughing with each other and KD and Westbrook joking around on the court, I think they too realized this. There are more important things. It should always be all love at the end of the day because there’s bigger things to focus on. Lives can change in a minute and we really never know when or where. You can’t give energy to what is beyond your control. All of us only truly have today and so we make the most of the moments we have. We can model for others and children how we help change the world by just being good and doing good when and where we can. I wish people were better humans but the only lesson one can teach is to love in the face of fear and hate.

I know I don’t have merely a fraction of Lebrons platform, but with any sort of audience I think it’s important to continuously perpetuate positivity, which was my initial hope for this blog. Talk about things that matter, no matter how difficult they may be. Be the change you want to see. Be kind. Always. So no, don’t “keep the political commentary to yourself and shut up and dribble” Lebron. Use your platform. As you have respectively been doing. You’re absolutely “more than an athlete”, and I respect your voice and appreciate that you continue to bring the tough dialogue to light. It’s the only way things will get better.

Much love.




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